My films chronicle a cultural place and time.  Social memory,  gender, and the perception of a public identity are all reccuring themes. My experience as a musician motivates me to play with the relationship between sound and image in the everyday, and then beyond.

With a Fine Art at Degree from St. Martins, and an MA in Filmmaking from Sussex University, I am currently writing scripts for a stage play and  a  TV series.

My film 'BLONDE' was selected for the Brighton Film Festival and also featured as Juror's choice in the Copenhagen Film Festival 2015.

My film 'DEAR MISS BASSEY' was selected for the 'Hackney Attic' Film Festival, and awarded 'Best Student Film' in 'The Smalls' London Film Festival...

Go to DEAR MISS BASSEY page to watch full film. . .

email: jmileskingston@aol.com

website:  jm-k.co.uk